Third Eye Chakra Stones


A balanced and open Third Eye chakra will grant you the ability to increase your spiritual awareness, improve your creativity, and more.

If you feel as if you can’t think, are under spiritual attack, lack intuition, or are missing signs from your guides, you should consider using Third Eye chakra stones to unblock your Third Eye.

Third Eye Chakra Stones


Moldavite is usually found in deep shades of green and is sometimes used on both the Third Eye chakra and the Heart chakra during a chakra balance.

Purple Fluorite

Purple Fluoriteis a semi-precious stone that is good for stimulating, clearing, and cleansing the upper chakras in general.

Lapis Lazuli

Our list of Third Eye chakra stones wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Lapis Lazuli, a beautiful deep blue stone perfect for enhancing psychic abilities and giving you complete awareness.

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