Top Crystals for Wealth & Prosperity


I know what you’re thinking: “there’s absolutely no way crystals will do that” but if you keep reading, I’ll explain how crystals can attract wealth.

Here are 6 of my favorite crystals for wealth and prosperity so you can begin attracting more good fortune and abundance into your life.

Best Crystals for Wealth & Prosperity

Sapphire | Wisdom & Prosperity


Sapphire is particularly good at recuperating wealth that you’ve lost while allowing you to see things for how they really are.

Citrine  | Wealth, Success & Manifestation


With the healing powers of the sun, Citrine will revive and awaken any stagnant energy that is preventing you from moving forward.

Turquoise  | Protection, Prosperity & Money


As powerful Throat chakra stones, Turquoises are excellent in helping you find the truth. When it comes to wealth, being truthful is a noble trait.

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