12 Crystals for Grief


Grief and loss is a horrible thing to go through. Using crystals can help take your sadness and pain and replace it with a sense of peace and positive energy.

Use these crystals for healing your grief. Whether you’re dealing with the death of a loved one or another type of loss, healing crystals will work to regulate your feelings and heal your spirit.

12 Healing crystals for grief

Black Onyx

When you need your inner warrior to come through for you, turn to Black Onyx. Black Onyx grounds you through your Root chakra. While grounding you, it works to build up your inner strength.


Kunzite provides calming energy to help you heal emotionally. In particular, those who have undergone trauma (of any kind) will find Kunzite useful for emotional healing.


Moonstones are crystals for new beginnings. During loss and grief, you may be entering into unknown territory. 

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