The Top Crystals for Wealth & Prosperity


I know what you’re thinking: “there’s absolutely no way crystals will do that” but if you keep reading, I’ll explain how crystals can attract wealth.

Here are 6 of my favorite crystals for wealth and prosperity so you can begin attracting more good fortune and abundance into your life.

Best Crystals for Wealth & Prosperity

Pyrite | Wealth, Creativity & Memory


Pyrite is an incredibly popular stone for attracting wealth, money, and prosperity. The masculine energy emitted from Pyrite will allow you to think more clearly and improve your memory.

Amazonite | Luck, Money & Balance


Amazonite is the perfect crystal for luck and in turn, money. When you feel down on your luck, Amazonite is the lucky stone to turn your fortunes around.

Tiger’s Eye | Intuition, Willpower & Sharpness


The Tiger’s Eye is a powerful crystal for beginners and healers of all levels, and there’s a good reason we recommend this crystal to just about anyone.

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