Top 17 Crystals for Plants: Grow a Vibrant Garden


If you enjoy using healing crystals, you probably have a few stones around your wrist, in your pocket, or on your work desk to help you.

Crystal users vouch that the healing energies of different stones can help keep your plants healthy.

Different healing stones have different combinations of minerals that offer healing and protective properties. So let’s take a look at the healing crystals for plants.

17 Best Crystals for Plants

Moss Agate


The gardener’s stone or talisman, Moss Agate, promotes plant health and vitality if you place it on the soil.

Petrified Wood


Petrified Wood’s grounding and protective properties can restore the vibrancy of earth magic in your garden, attracting nature spirits.

Tree Agate


Tree Agate not only improves your gardening instincts but also improves plants. It infuses the earth with healing energy, thus stabilizing the earth energies, which boosts plant health.

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