The Best Crystals for Friendship, Conflict Resolution, And Sisterhood


Relationships are complex and multifaceted. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to improving your relationships, especially when it comes to conflict management.

Using friendship crystals will help you break down your relationship to see which areas need the most improvement, and allow you to dive in deep to fix said areas.

The Best Crystals for Friendships and Conflict-Resolution

Blue Lace Agate | Calmness & Communication

For those in a row with a friend, Blue Agate will help you remain calm so you can think clearly and settle conflicts, preserving your friendship in the process.

Lapis Lazuli | Calmness & Communication

Lapis Lazuli, the crystal of truth, will help you find your voice and give you the confidence to speak your truth and tell your friends how you feel.

Unakite | Vitality & Love

Unakite is the trusty sidekick you’ll want. Arming you with the tenacity to meet new people and develop relationships, Unakite is the perfect crystal for both friendship and self-love.

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