8 Crystals for Focus & Concentration


Wave goodbye to absent-mindedness. These are the top healing crystals for focus and clarity to help you regain mental sharpness.

This will help you remain motivated to complete tasks, have a higher sense of productivity and even improve your intelligence.

8 of the Best Crystals for Focus

Amazonite | Balancing, Truth & Healing


Amazonite is one of my go-to crystals for focus simply because it has so many versatile healing properties.

Smoky Quartz | Balance, Consistency & Protection


Smoky Quartz will help you reach a higher consciousness with a calm mind and cleanse negative energy from your area.

Sodalite | Focus, Confidence & Calmness


Particularly, Sodalite helps those that have trouble keeping their emotions at bay during stressful situations (such as test-taking or presentations).

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