5 crystals that attract wealth & money

Tiger's Eye

Tiger’s Eye is “all-seeing, all-knowing” and will give you the unique ability to see into the future to make good decisions about your wealth and money. 


Sapphire is particularly good at recuperating wealth that you’ve lost. If you need help investing, Sapphire will help you seek out the right information to make informed decisions.


Pyrite is an incredibly popular stone for attracting wealth, money, and prosperity. The masculine energy emitted from Pyrite will allow you to think more clearly and improve your memory.


Amazonite is a lucky stone to turn your fortunes around.  It's known as the “gambler’s stone” and brings good luck to those who need it. 


Nicknamed the Merchant’s Stone, Citrine is renowned for being the go-to crystal for entrepreneurs who want money, success, wealth and abundance in both their business and their lives.